Wash & Iron

Wondering how to make those tough creases vanish? Wash and Iron is the most effective method to keep your clothes looking crip. However, this traditional method needs a professional touch for it to have the desired outcome.  At Safe Wash, we make use of a specialized steam ironing process that adjusts the temperature and pressure to suit the type of fabric being processed.

We specialize in picking up your clothes, washing, ironing them to perfection and delivering them back to you on time – providing a service you can rely on. Our method is eco-friendly and saves water compared to other methods. We also use high-quality detergents and solvents that preserve the fabric and elongate the life of your favorite garments.

Whether it’s your everyday wear, professional outfits, household linen, your kid’s school uniform, or whatever your washing and ironing or more, we safely wash and iron it for you. Rest assured, we handle all our customers’ clothes with care making sure that we do not damage your clothing while it is being cleaned and pressed.

Call us now at 081219 99111 and experience our doorstep service at the most affordable prices.

Why Us?

  • We offer highly skilled and verified professionals who pay close attention to detail
  • We revive your clothes as good as new and increase the life of your clothes.
  • We offer premium quality at the best possible prices saving your time and money
  • Our expertise, use of latest technology and products cause no harm to your clothes.

If you’re interested in having your clothing washed and ironed well, try our services. We are the right choice for your clothes.