Terms & Conditions

1. Original receipt needs to be presented at the time of taking delivery of garments.

2. Customers are requested to examine the garments at the time of delivery; we will not be responsible for any damages indicated after delivery.

3. We are not responsible for fastness / running of color / shrinkage / damage to embellishments / embroidery work on the garments during process.

4. Every effort is made to remove stains. If stains are not removable, the customer shall not have any rights to claim deduction in charges.

5. We follow a “No claim” policy. All articles are accepted at customer’srisk. We shall not be held responsible for damage to garments that cannot withstand the normal cleaning process due to age / quality of garments.

6. We shall not be held responsible for any ornaments / Jewelry fittings on the garment.

7. We shall not be held responsible for shrinkage, damage, cuts, holes, scratches, stains etc., becoming apparent during the wash process due to defective manufacture, adulteration, deterioration or wear & tear and exposure to environment.

8. Every effort is made to deliver clothes on time, however due to certain unforeseen circumstances, if the delivery is delayed; the customer is not entitled to any compensation or reduction in the charges.

9. Please note that we will not be responsible if the garment is not collected within 4 weeks form the date of scheduled delivery.

10. We accept no liability for any loss or damage of the clothes arising due to fire, burglary etc., or any other similar unforeseen causes.

11. The tariff for designer wear will be decided on a case to case basis depending on the complex of the garment, which will be communicated to the customer on the spot or after it is examined by the expert at the processing unit.

12. We will undertake the process of designer wear based on the recommendation / suggestion given by the designer, provided our technology supports the recommendation / suggestion.

13. In case the garment / home linen gets damaged in the process, apart from the reasons mentioned in point no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 we may consider payment of the compensation, which will be limited to 10 times of the wash charge or Rs 3,000 whichever is lower.

14. All disputes are subjected to Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.