In this fast-paced world, who has time for laundry? Fortunately for you, when it comes to laundry, there is no one like us who can make your life easier. Our high quality and convenient laundry services will impress you so much that you will never want to do laundry ever again. Gone are your days of procrastination to do laundry. Receive clean and fresh laundry delivered at your doorstep with a click of a button.

Get nothing but top qualities wash and fold laundry service by our laundry doctors at Safe Wash. Our laundry service lets you give us special instructions. Why? Because your clothes are unique and so are we.  Every item of your laundry will be sorted out by our laundry experts and given individual care.

Our factory is equipped with state-of-art technology machines. We use bacteria-free, allergy-free RO water and an exclusive range of imported chemicals for washing. We use soaps that are formulated to avoid any harm to your clothes. It doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, so it won’t cause stretching, thinning, shrinking or fading.

Call us now at 081219 99111 and experience our doorstep laundry service at the most affordable prices.

Why Us?

  • We offer highly skilled and verified professionals who pay close attention to detail
  • We revive your clothes as good as new and increase shelf-life of your clothes.
  • Our expertise, use of latest technology and products cause no harm to your clothes. Instead, they protect your clothes from stretching, thinning, shrinking or fading.
  • We offer premium quality care at the best possible prices saving your time and money

Be it everyday clothes or your grand attires, we preserve the sanctity of your clothes to suit your fashion needs.

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