Home and Bedding Cleaning

Who doesn’t dream of their warm and cozy bed after a long day at work? But unfortunately, when you get home your blankets and quilts are hard and uninviting. Why?

When blankets and quilts not provided special attention, they become hard and provide a not-so-snuggly, uncomfortable experience. While you wash our sheets regularly, some of the other bedding material like blankets, quilts and pillows either don’t fit in your washer or you may not be sure of how to take care of the fabric.

Let’s say you manage to use your fully loaded washing machine to wash your blanket. The fabrics of the blanket will rub against the fabrics of other garments in the wash. This will result in matted fibers or loose strands. In some cases, your blanket might lose the comfortable feeling that it provides to you due to a discolored piling or owing to fibers picked up from other materials. How can anyone get quality sleep without their favorite blanket? Fortunately for you, our professional dry cleaners know the best ways to treat these items and clean your bedding to make sure they are fresh, clean and safe.

With our blanket and quilt cleaning services, we ensure a hygienic homely environment for your home all the time. Blanket & Quilt cleaning is a dicey task to handle, trust our professional folks at Safe Wash to render these services effectively. Our services are easily accessible and we provide a range of solutions at the best possible rates.

Why Us?

  • We make your bedding look better
  • We put the coziness back in your blankets and quilts
  • We save your appliances and reduce electricity usage
  • Our wash ingredients are harmless to the materials of the blankets and quilts, yet highly effective
  • Our services are easily accessible and we offer pick and drop facility

Safe Wash is the right way to wash comforters, blankets, quilts, and sheets.