Why is laundry service the best gift? When people move out of their homes in search of better education or jobs, the biggest trouble they face is how to get their laundry done. In situations like these won’t be awesome if somebody gives you a laundry gift? Well, I think it can make a pretty good gift and here are the reasons why. Always too … Continue reading


Old to Brand New Do you have no space for your new clothes in the cupboard? I know it is hard to part away from your old clothes and the good thing is now you don’t have to. Here are some tricks where you can make something useful for yourself from your old clothing. Quilt made of t-shirt Get directions here 2) The cloth band … Continue reading


The Truth behind your Detergent We all have to do laundry on a daily basis, but have you ever wondered what goes in the detergent you are using? Is it causing you any harm? It really as good as the guy in the TV commercial says it is? Here are some facts about detergents that might surprise you.  What do you think is in your detergent? … Continue reading